Why Do I Not Have Power

It is the evening. You are at home making dinner. The stove has all burners running and you just put a roaster in the oven. You have been in and out of the fridge prepping vegetables and in between making this amazing meal you just swapped over the laundry.




Did the power just go out? YUP! Now what?

Get Informed

Fortis Alberta

These are the heroes who will be working round the clock to investigate and reconnect your electricity.

Outage Map

Fortis Provides an Outage Map that shows the general areas affected, if the outage was planned or unplanned and most importantly, an estimated time to be up and running again! Check to see if you are within the Fortis Service area.


Alternative Outage Number

Call 310-WIRE (9473). 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Download the Apple App


For Apple this is a handy tool to check the status of the outage. Wonderful part is as long as you have not ran out of battery, you will have internet still!

Download the Android App

There is also an option from the Google Play store as well!


What am I going to lose?

Unless you have a UPS system (Uninterrupted Power Supply) you can count on losing your internet and tv. Of course your furnace will not be able to run either. Add the electric stove, dishwasher, laundry, fridge and lights to that list. 


What might I still have?

Luckily, you might still have running water if the outage does not affect the towns water supply. Meaning you have more than one flush of the toilet. Anything battery operated will still work too. 


Tips and Tricks


We need to keep that food cool! First is to keep the fridge closed as long as possible. What if we know it is going to be a long time until we will have power again? ICE. If you have a store that sells ice nearby, stash a couple bags in the fridge to help prolong it's low temperatures.


Staying informed is crucial. Especially if you have no power due to a storm. Today we stay connected mostly through some form of the internet.

Have a backup UPS system to run your internet modem. 

OR you might be able to turn your phone into a wifi hotspot! Be sure to keep it charged.

Where are you Located

Fortis Area

Atco Electric Service Area