What are we working towards?

From start to finish.


You should feel taken care of throughout the whole journey. That is where we come in. 


The moment you join our cause we want you to feel at ease, beginning with our seamless sign up, to worry free payment.


But we want to take it even further! It is what we do after, that will truly instil comfort that you are in caring hands.



Here is the most noticeable area of our social responsibility. Of our revenue, we will be donating 10% to local community initiatives.


Nonprofits put in time and effort but still have the everyday costs we do. There is so much we have in store for making our community facilities more efficient, so they can keep putting their resources to good use.


Get in the KNOW! We are your gateway to staying informed in today's energy market. From efficient tips and tricks, to cutting down your usage, to industry laws and taxes. We have our ear to the ground and finger on the pulse to keep you informed.