Who we are

Bright Fire Energy Ltd has been in operation in Whitecourt since 2018, with a vision to be the benchmark in Social Responsibility. Providing energy services to the entire Province of Alberta, our energy services are available to almost all residential and commercial customers and allows them to realize immediate savings on their monthly utility costs. Every customer is helping give back to their local community as 10% of the annual profits are donated to local community initiatives. Our Mission is to ensure that our customers are treated fairly and kept well informed. We believe there is merit to giving back and elevating the wellbeing of our communities.

Bright Fire Energy Ltd was founded after experiencing failed customer service and inflated pricing first hand, initially as a way to reduce expenses in real estate rental businesses. However, once the potential to help beyond a better utilities experience, shifted the mission to providing superb customer service and energy education for every household and business in Alberta. Bright Fire Energy Ltd is actively involved with coaching young athletes in local sports programs, a Whitecourt Snow Star and a member of the Whitecourt Chamber of Commerce. We haves a passion for teaching and find value in enriching the communities who have given us so much over the years.