Where oh where has the energy man gone?

Well Alberta, the government has saved us again. No more door knockers attempting to juke you into an energy contract. Many of you already have knowledge of this, as it is welcomed with open arms. I cannot recall a recent conversation about someone having their door knocked on, nor have I had any energy sales knock on mine, for almost a year now. 


This time we must agree, the Alberta Government's move to ban Door-to-Door energy sales was a sound move. Here is an excerpt from their website,


In a move to strengthen consumer protection, selling household energy products unsolicited door-to-door is prohibited as of January 1, 2017.

This prohibition is for unsolicited sales of household energy products only. These include:


-natural gas and electricity energy contracts

-water heaters


-air conditioners

-energy audits

Energy companies still have multiple ways to sell directly to Albertans, including telephone and online sales, kiosks and advertising. Consumers can still invite salespeople to their homes.

-Government of Alberta-


Misrepresentation and pressure sales were becoming rampant across our prairie. Leading up to the ban there was a record of 1000 complaints from seniors and families feeling mislead. Now here is the kicker. In the short period after the new law took effect, 18 complaints were already recorded by Mid February 2017! It was truly time for a change.


But where do we find our information now? Without any salesman knocking on our doors to tell us what we are missing, how do we know our options? Cue your friendly neighbourhood energy provider! We don't take this lightly as we have experienced what it is like to be misinformed and asked to make a decision on the spot. We did not like it and we are sure you didn't either. The energy world is ever changing and you have jam packed schedules that have no time slot for your energy woes. We understand that. We are here for you.


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